I am a licensed Personal Trainer, based in Berlin and originally from Hamburg, with stations in London, Dubai and Doha.

My Story

Growing up in Hamburg in the 70th and 80th, I have embraced the Aerobics era as a teenager (I lasted until the end 90th) Also loved swimming, rowing and tennis (though that's not really my big talent). I then ended up studying and working for many news channels in London, Dubai, Doha (where I discovered circuit training and boxing - my passion today) and Berlin. In 2016 I decided to start afresh and have established my business PERFECTLY IMPERFECT, which I am running and expanding successfully. 

My Mission

My mission is to not chase the perfect body. My mission is to find a balance while enjoying life. I find 'enjoying life' is the most important aspect to a healthy life style. So everything in moderation is a good start, yet don't be too strict. I follow the idea of 'enjoy your food and drinks and start finding a routine for your work out'. Live and  love your edges and imperfections as they make who you are.


perfectly imperfect - love your curves and be yourself