Personal Training

Personal training with motivation and empathy: you want to lose weight? Want to get fit or remain fit and tone? You don't get the results in a gym? I am here to help achieve what you want and train you wherever you are.

Why Personal Training

Because we focus on your needs. It's effective and you won't have to wait long for successful results:

- get fit

- tone your muscles 

- reduce your stress levels

- get an energy boost

- reduce the risk of burn-out/depression

- improve your self confidence

- slow down the process of ageing


Sounds good? call me: +491743011030 or email me:

What do we do?

The work out is usually structured as a circuit training, consisting of elements of:

- crossfit

- weight training (incl. own body weight)

- cardio (for example HIIT)

- boxing/kickboxing

- Pilates

- Yoga

- stretching


We define your target, your diet and off we go.


Boxing/kickboxing has wonderful benefits:

-improving your strengths and cardio levels

- highly effective fatburner

- uses both sides of the brain

- relaxation afterwards and a smile is guaranteed


We will practice easy combinations and use pads for the work out.